Three cities pay courtesy calls on Davao City Mayor

     On February 15, officials from Sennan City, Kitakyushu City and Hamamatsu City paid courtesy calls on Davao City Mayor Hon. Sebastian Z. Duterte. Consul General ISHIKAWA also attended the meetings.

[Sennan City]

     It was the fourth visit to Davao for Sennan City Mayor Hon. YAMAMOTO Yuma. Sennan City is the second Japanese sister city of Davao City since last year and is very active in people-to-people exchanges including online cultural interaction between students in both cities and promoting economic relations.

[Kitakyushu City]

     Since the sister-city agreement in 2017, Kitakyushu City has worked hard together with Davao City especially in the field of environment to try to introduce the Philippines’ first waste-to-energy plant in Davao.

[Hamamatsu City]

     Regarding Hamamatsu City, many activities and cooperation are expected between Hamamatsu related companies and schools/organizations in Davao City in the field of education, manufacturing and tourism.
     Further development of economic exchange and business matching between Davao City and those three cities are expected in the future.