New Year’s Greeting from Consul General ISHIKAWA Yoshihisa



Happy New Year!
I hope all of you are spending a healthy and peaceful new year.
The Consulate General of Japan in Davao exists to provide assistance and ensure all Japanese people who are staying in Mindanao safe and worry-free. If you have any concerns, please feel free to consult us anytime.
It is also a very important task for us to make Filipinos know more about Japan, learn how wonderful Japan is and appreciate the beauty of our country.
Moreover, the very important agenda such as the Japanese descendant issues and Japan’s further assistance to peace in Mindanao remain in our priorities.
This year, I would like to exert efforts to be able to downgrade the Japanese government’s travel advisory to Japanese nationals traveling to Mindanao region. I want Mindanao to be closer to Japanese citizens and am determined to promote Japan-Mindanao relations in various fields.
In this eternal flow of time, our paths meet here in Mindanao. It is a miraculous encounter and I really cherish with utmost reverence this destiny. I wish you all a wonderful year 2024!
January 5, 2024
Consul General of Japan in Davao
ISHIKAWA Yoshihisa




To all of you,



A happy new year!



This year marks the 120th anniversary since Japanese immigrated to the Philippines for the first time in 1903. Recalling the long bilateral history, together with you all, I would like to make this year special by building a brighter future between our two countries.



The Consulate General of Japan in Davao will engage actively in promoting the economic relations and human exchanges between Japan and Mindanao, solving the problems of the Japanese descendants and strengthening our cooperation to the Mindanao Peace Process.



And above all else, the Consulate General will try our best in order for the Japanese people in Mindanao to live here safely and comfortably.



Taking this opportunity to pray for world peace and the end of the pandemic, at the beginning of this new year, I wish you all good health and abundant happiness in 2023.





January 2023

Consul General of Japan in Davao

Ishikawa Yoshihisa