Consul General ISHIKAWA attends the 21st Philippine-Japan Festival

picture Kick-off program(1)
picture Kick-off program(2)
     From November 23 to 25, Consul General ISHIKAWA attended the 21st Philippine–Japan Festival in Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School and Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku.
     On November 23, Consul General ISHIKAWA participated in the Kick-off Program and gave a speech. On November 24, he participated in Japanese Speech Contest as one of the judges. On November 25, he attended General Assembly of the Rengokai of the Nikkei Jin and also gave a lecture on the Current Philippine-Japan Relations in the Public Lecture Series for students.
     Other events including Japanese Singing Contest and Cosplay Competition were also held, and the festival was celebrated on a grand scale.
picture Kick-off program(3)
picture General Assembly of the Rengokai of the Nikkei Jin
picture Public Lecture Series
picture Cosplay Competition