Consul General Ishikawa attended the annual 'Ireisai'

On August 6, 2022, Consul General Ishikawa attended the ‘Ireisai’, or the annual memorial service, that the Consulate-General of Japan in Davao and Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai, Inc. jointly organized at the Mintal Public Cemetery, Davao City.
The Consul General made his opening remarks, saying, “Japanese immigrants in the old times made their utmost efforts for their offspring while striving against their hardships faced in the Japan-Philippines history.  We should never forget about their efforts at all.”
Dr. Ines Yamanouchi P. Mallari, Chairperson of the Board of Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai, Inc., referring to the fact that 119 years have passed since the first Japanese settlers came to Davao in 1903, said, “We have to thank those Japanese immigrants for their good-faith efforts that established the foundation for Davao City’s prosperity of today.”
Before the Second World War, there were twenty-thousand Japanese people living in Davao.  They called Mintal, in particular, ‘Little Tokyo’ because it was home to many Japanese immigrants then.